Peer review process

General rules

Reviewing scientific papers published in the "Forum Scientiae Oeconomia" is based on recommendations resulting from the publication of the Ministry of Science and High Education: Best Practices in the procedures of reviewing in science, Warsaw 2011.

Detailed rules

1. All papers submitted for publishing in the "Forum Scientiae Oeconomia" are to be evaluated in the process of review.

2. Review of scientific papers are made by competent people in a particular field or discipline (including foreign  reviewers)  not remaining in business, close personal relations and conflict of interest with the authors.

3. All reviews are confidential and anonymous  in accordance with the standards of double-blind review.

4. Review should be prepared according to the Template (download Review Tamplate).

5. Approval for publication depends on positive recommendations of reviewers.

6. Sending of scientific research for publication in the "Forum Scientiae Oeconomia" by the author in print or/and electronic form is equivalent to the expression of agreement with the process of review.

7. If the reviewers suggest any amendments, the author should consider them.

8. The list of reviewers will be published on the journal web page at the end of the year.

9. Reviewers must not use knowledge of the work before it is published.

10.The proccess of review consists of the following steps:

a. formal assessment carried out by the editor or the secretary of the Editorial Team. If the text does not meet the basic requirements of linguistic correctness and was not drafted in accordance with the editorial requirements - the author is informed.

b. the preliminary assessment is made by the editors and special editors of a volume. They suggest further course of the proceedings: the return of paper to be completed or a referral to an external scientific review. They also suggest names of reviewers.

c. Scientific reviews of the two independent reviewers. Author will be informed of the outcome with a clear conclusion whether the article was accepted or rejected. Reviewer may also report comments or suggestions or amendments  which the author is obliged to make. 

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