Published : 2021-03-31

The adoption of artificial intelligence in human resource management and the role of human resources

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation are rapidly advancing, significantly elevating the role of IT within business processes. From an HRM perspective, emerging AI-based solutions are increasingly relied upon in terms of processing time-consuming and complex tasks within the HRM functionalities. This study tackles the phenomenon of AI-based applications in HRM diffusion and adoption: specifically, the association between the HR roles emphasised within the organisation and the attitude of HR practitioners toward AI adoption, as well as the significance of performance expectancy, top management support, and competitive pressures as predictors of AI adoption in HRM. The study sample consisted of 186 senior HR professionals drawn from members of the Jordanian Human Resources Management Association. Results revealed that top management support and performance expectancy are significant predictors of the intention to adopt AI, while competitive pressure did not turn out to have a significant association with such an intention. For the HR roles emphasised, a significant positive influence on the intention to adopt AI has been found for the HR role of “change agent”, while the “employee champion” role possesses a significant negative influence in terms of AI adoption. Considering the noticeable research gap in AI diffusion and adoption within HRM, the study findings provide an important contribution to investigating and explaining this phenomenon. It reveals that HR leaders have a positive mindset toward the potential role of AI in enhancing HRM efficiency and quality.


Artificial Intelligence ; Human Resource Information Systems ; Information Technology Adoption

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