Published : 2022-06-29

The competences model as the basis for shaping a positive image of a contemporary lobbyist

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Lobbying is an instrument of influence in a number of decision-making processes. It has been underestimated as a research problem. The lack of research on the competences of a contemporary lobbyist is particularly significant in this regard. This study attempts to answer the following questions: What competences are characteristic of the professional profile of a lobbyist? What competences should the characteristics of the profile of a contemporary lobbyist be comprised of? The search for answers to the above questions requires placing the quest for opportunities to change the image of lobbying in the area of competences of entities that conduct lobbying activities. The aim of the article is to present a model of competences of a lobbyist which shapes the lobbyist’s positive image. The article is of theoretical and empirical nature. The theoretical part presents the scope of lobbying activities and the significance of the professional competences of a lobbyist. The empirical part presents an analysis of the results of quantitative research carried out using the diagnostic survey technique, in which a questionnaire mostly composed of closed-ended questions was used. The research project was carried out between January 2018 and May 2019. The research results present a practical model of competences of a contemporary lobbyist, with a focus on positive image.


lobbying ; lobbyist ; competences ; competences profile ; competences model


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