Current Issue

Vol 7 No 3 (2019): Engineering Management in Production and Services, Business Ethics and HRM

Theme editor: Jozsef Popp


1. Judit Oláh, József Popp, Domicián Máté, Yusmar Ardhi Hidayat

Market structure and concentration ratio: evidence of IT companies in Hungary

2. Noriyuki Shikata, Satoshi Goto, Kiminori Gemba

Servitisation of manufacturing industry in Japan

3. Madalin Darie, Ovidiu Mocanu, Carmen Gasparotti, George Cristian Schin

Assessment of the performance of management consulting services – a correlational survey

4. Ivan Valdovinos-Hernandez, Mike Szymanski, Karina Grabowska

Mea culpa – the role of religion in corruption perception

5. Jose Joy Thoppan, Vijay Victor, Robert Jeyakumar Nathan, Maria Fekete-Farkas

The worrying trend of non-performing loans in higher education

6. Sree Lekshmi Sreekumaran Nair, John Aston, Eugene Kozlovski

The relationship between organisational culture and the job satisfaction of IT sector’s employees in contrasting economies

7. Erika Župerkienė, Julius Paulikas, Lilita Abele

Employee behavioural patterns in resisting the implementation of organisational innovation


Published: 2019-09-27
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