Editorial requirements


Articles should be written in English, in a clear, succinct and accessible manner. Authors must sign a statement upon submission for review indicating that the work submitted is their original work, complies with the ethical guidelines for research in the area of study, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Breaches of ethical standards will result in immediate withdrawal of the manuscript from review, notification of the breach to readers of the journal and other affected parties (e.g. other journals where the work was published or under review; the original author of the work).

Submitting papers
Authors are kindly requested to submit papers in English in the MS Word format according to the rules included in the Editorial Requirements to the journal via the online system (or via e-mail to forum@wsb.edu.pl).


1. Fonts:
a. Title: Times New Roman, 14 points, bold, centred
b. Author’s/co-author’s name: Times New Roman, 14 points, bold, left-aligned
c. Subtitles: Times New Roman, 12 points, bold, left-aligned
d. Body of the paper: Times New Roman, 12 points
e. Table: Times New Roman, 10 points
2. Margins: 2,5 cm 
3. Line spacing: 1,5
4. Body of the paper: justified
5. Spacing:
a. Title, sections and subsections: 6 points
b. Body of the paper: 0 point
c. Table: 0 point
6. Indents: special protrusion (“first line”) – 1,25 cm
7. Tables and Figures: black and white, with no shading, placed in the text; number and title above and the source below

1. Title
2. Name and surname of the author and co-author (if any)
3. E-mail address
4. Affiliation 
5. Abstract (up to 6 lines)
6. Key words (up to 5)
7. Introduction
8. Sections and subsections
9. Conclusions (findings and limitations)
10. Acknowledgements (if any)
11. References
12. Brief information about the author (up to max. 5 lines) 


For books:

Roberts,  J., Nichols, D. (2011),  Alliance networks, New York: Simon & Schuster. 

For book chapters:

Camuffo, F.A. (2005), Benefits of inter-firm cooperation, in: M. Norman, M. Johns (Eds.), Creating the value through partnerships (pp. 15-20), New York: Elsevier.

For journals:

Robertson, M.T., Ferguson, R. (2012), Marketing trends in the twenty-first century, Journal of Marketing, 22(4): 52-75. 

For unpublished conference proceedings:

Jensen, R., Gerard, M. and Sheppard, N. (2007), Connecting destinations with e-tourism, paper presented at the 5 International Conference Business and Education, 21-23 October, Katowice, available at: http://gazeta.pl/gw/art68_54...... (accessed 20 February 2007). 

For newspapers:

Smith, B. (2009), Small changes, Herald Tribune, 28 January, pp. 1, 5-6. 

For Legislation acts:
The Act of 12 March 2004 on social assistance Acts. U. 2004., No. 64 item. 593

For electronic sources:

Castley, D. (2013), Introduction to web services for remote portlets, available at: http:// www.przeglad.uj.edu.pl/nowyregionalizm..... (accessed 1 November 2010).