Published : 2020-09-01

Adult Literacy and use of Technology: A case study of Pakistan

Sadia Dilshad

Samina Rafique


The contemporary era of Pakistan can be characterized by the expectations of reaching old age and therefore having long life mainly due to better standards of hygiene; condition of life and better medical care (Giesler & Krings, 2015). The voice regarding old age and technology is pen down by different authors and it is highlighted that use of technology is need of the day either young or old (Formosa, 2013). The main aim of this study to find out the gap between old age people and use of innovative technology in 3rd world country like Pakistan. For this purpose the current survey study intends to explore the effect of adult literacy with the use of technology. The retirement age in Pakistan is 60 years. Furthermore, according to world population review 2020 people above this age are 2.73% of total population. These old citizens from Islamabad will be taken for the current study who mostly have basic education. Generally speaking mostly old citizens lives at
their home with their children/grandchildren. Moreover, for the study data were collected through personal visit of the researcher to with the help of structured interview (which served as questionnaire at times) developed through intense review of literature. Pakistani government do not officially provide any sort of activity for such people but usually they organize the home gatherings of their age. Analysis done on the basis of quantitative data. On the basis of findings conclusions were made. It is concluded that most of the elderly female know to use smart mobile phones in their daily life. They have better knowledge to use digital home appliances and also made their life easy.


long life, technology, adult literacy, old citizens, older people





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Dilshad, S., & Rafique, S. . (2020). Adult Literacy and use of Technology: A case study of Pakistan. Exlibris Social Gerontology Journal, 18(1), 38–50.

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