Published : 2020-09-01

Problems and life satisfaction of older adults in Turkey

Işıl Kalayci

Metin Özkul


In Turkey, urbanization, industrialization, migration, new job opportunities, widespread communication networks, tradition, the economic and the educational system, and the emerging differences in family structure revealed many changes in society's social, cultural, and demographic structure. This situation has caused a change in the quantitative and semantic characteristics of old age. Further, the old age problems that have remained within the family boundaries in the past are still affecting the general population. In our country, the older population experiences social problems such as lack of education, labor market exclusion, poverty, abuse and neglect, diseases, lack of nursing care. The purpose of this study was to reveal the problems and life satisfaction of older adults in Turkey. As a result, Turkey's older population naturally bears the highest level of the traditional community characteristics. This situation is the most crucial reason why younger and older generations differ in terms of lifestyle. The older population have had to live within the boundaries of insufficient income and poverty, had formal education that would never comply with the requirements of modern life, suffered from a disease, and become in a position to produce passive behavior against other generations because their knowledge is not suitable for modern life. This group consists of individuals who are increasingly exposed to negligent and abusive behaviors. Even the healthiest of them find it challenging to maintain their daily lives without their relatives. The majority of older adults remain distant from all "new" technologies. Rather than having a quality life, they explain their life satisfaction subjectively, with profound patience and trust mostly stemming from their beliefs and values.


Old age, social problem, expectation, Turkey Statistical Institute





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Işıl Kalayci, & Metin Özkul. (2020). Problems and life satisfaction of older adults in Turkey. EXLIBRIS Social Gerontology Journal, 18(1), 105–114.

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