Published : 2023-12-31

The relationship between active aging and the quality of life of older people in Indonesia

Lili Indrawati

Dinni Agustin

Asvi Retty Nurgusmy Yerly Asir


Prolongation of life expectancy is one of humanity's most outstanding achievements; it provides essential resources and makes significant structural contributions to our communities. Simultaneously, the aging population presents tremendous challenges due to its increased social and economic needs. This research aims to improve older people's quality of life by considering active aging variables. The study used quantitative analysis with cross-sectional analysis to gather information for the case studies and assessments in the three areas of active aging. The Geriatric Division of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) employed diagnostic assessment tools. The quality of life was measured using the Indonesian version of the EQ-5D index, with a cut-off score of 0,692. According to the study, the older adults' quality of life moderately correlates with their regular health examinations, gratitude, social interactions, cooperation, and participation in and out of the environment.

Furthermore, while cognitive performance tends to be relevant, vocational position and the number of illnesses are also significantly connected to quality of life. The experience of falling, social interaction, and physical activity were all connected with life satisfaction. A moderate correlation was found between health check-up habits and quality of life. The study's findings suggest that future research would be better if it included social security, especially pensions, as these are the most crucial security sources directly impacting older adults' well-being.


quality of life, older people, participation, security, active aging





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Indrawati, L., Agustin , D., & Asir, A. R. N. Y. (2023). The relationship between active aging and the quality of life of older people in Indonesia. Exlibris Social Gerontology Journal, 25(2), 47–61.

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