Published : 2023-12-31

Perception of successful aging. Effects of socio-demographic variables


This study aims to determine the relationship between the successful perception of aging and socio-demographic variables. This study used a descriptive and relational model, 432 individuals at 60+ were conducted. The scale was used to determine the "Perceptions of Successful Ageing." The average score of the scale of the older adults who participated in the study was 51.44 ± 4.80, the average of psychosocial and economic welfare was 30.47 ± 3.24, the physical welfare average was 13.09 ± 1.59, and the social support provided by children the average is 7.88 ± 1.70. There was a positive and significant relationship among some socio-demographic variables. Successful aging processes of older adults, increased age, assessing their health negatively, poor social relations, and being negatively affected by single life. It is recommended to strengthen the living environments of older adults. 


older adults, successful ageing, socio-demographic variables





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Kalınkara, V., Kalaycı, I., & Kacar, N. (2023). Perception of successful aging. Effects of socio-demographic variables. Exlibris Social Gerontology Journal, 25(2), 13–30.

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