Published : 2018-03-14

National culture as a determinant of firms’ innovative performance

Meda Andrijauskiene

Daiva Dumciuviene


General innovation performance of the EU is improving, yet progress is too slow and performance gaps still remain wide within European Union. Therefore, there is a growing interest in circumstances which influence this situation. In their previous research, the authors of this paper have already proved that cultural diversity affect the innovative capacity of societies, hence the goal of thisstudy was to explore how important, in the context of other determinants of firms‘ innovative performance, are socio-cultural determinants. The results revealed that they are less relevant than technological and economic determinants but affirmed to be more significant than political, legal and ecological ones. In order to reach the conclusions, a review of scientific literature, comparative judgement of EU performance and correlation analysis were used.


EU, innovation, culture, firm‘s performance





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Andrijauskiene, M. ., & Dumciuviene , D. . (2018). National culture as a determinant of firms’ innovative performance. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 6(1), 48–67.

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