Published : 2018-06-14

Self-service as a motivation factor for innovative service

Danguole Savareikiene

Rasa Galinyte


Self-service as an innovative service attracts many opinions on the needs, use, comfort and opportunities of the future. Scientists recognise the advantages of self-service over traditional service and are carrying out research on how to motivate consumers to switch to self-service. This paper analyses the application of motivation for the consumer self-service option. The objective is, based on a theoretical concept of self-service as an innovative service, to identify the reasons for the choice of self-service. The theoretical part of the paper provides an analysis of the essence of self-service as an innovative service. The analysis is based upon the results of empirical research in March 2012 in Lithuania (N=112). The paper identifies the factors that influence consumer motivation for the choice of self-service according to an online survey. It turned out that companies which offer self-service as an innovative service are modifying consumer behaviour by liberating consumers and motivating them to act.


Service, self-service, innovation, motivating factors





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Savareikiene, D. ., & Galinyte, R. . (2018). Self-service as a motivation factor for innovative service. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 6(2), 33–45.

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