Published : 2018-06-14

Consumer preferences for coffee brands available on the Polish market

Łukasz Wróblewski

Sylwia Mokrysz


The article addresses the issue of consumer preferences for brands of coffee in Poland (for ground coffee, instant coffee, coffee beans and instant cappuccino). The main source of the study is the results of primary research conducted using a structured interview (CAPI – Computer Assisted Personal Interview) on a nationwide sample of 800 coffee consumers. The results of the research which have been included in the article indicate, among others, ongoing changes in the preferences of Polish consumers regarding their choice of coffee brands. The results show that brands offered by small, local manufacturers are of little significance on a national level in terms of brand awareness, consumption, and consequently sales. Branded products offered by large corporations such as Jacobs, Nescafe, Lavazza and Tchibo play a major role in the coffee market in Poland.


consumer behaviour, consumer preferences, brand, coffee, research





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Wróblewski, Łukasz ., & Mokrysz, S. . (2018). Consumer preferences for coffee brands available on the Polish market. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 6(2), 75–90.

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