Published : 2018-09-14

The importance of products made of certified wood materials to consumers in the Czech Republic

Jakub Michal

Andrea Sujová

David Březina


These days, market tools are highly preferred voluntarily in order to protect nature and create ecological goodwill in society. They also attest to the fact that those societies apply the principle of a responsible approach to the environment in their trade policies. Monitoring and development of these market trends should ensure an increase in customers’ awareness of and interest in “green products”. The current business environment provides a broad range of production, which always makes it more difficult to find a criterion defining a product distinctive enough for a potential customer to accept this distinction and prefer it to others in the competitive environment. Pressure from interest groups and legislative measures forces society to realise the need to consider aspects of environment and sustainability. These facts are increasingly reflected not only in the business environment, which affects the environment by its nature, but also globally. The aim of the paper is to assess the current state of consumer attitudes towards the preference for environmentally friendly products as well as attitudes towards social responsibility. The results published in this article come from primary research which explored the relationship between consumer preferences for certified wood products and secondary data from research into social responsibility in the same year in the Czech Republic.


certification, consumer opinion, marketing, business ethics, consumer behaviour





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Michal, J. ., Sujová, A. ., & Březina, D. . (2018). The importance of products made of certified wood materials to consumers in the Czech Republic. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 6(3), 119–131.

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