Published : 2017-12-14

The level of selected CRM areas in small and medium sized enterprises in Czech Republic

Adéla Chromčáková

Halina Starzyczná

Michal Stoklasa


This article aims to present selected CRM areas focused on people, their knowledge of CRM, communication with customers and activities in process of CRM in the Czech SMEs. Customer relationship management is not possible without these elements. 736 respondents were addressed. Awareness of CRM increases, the level of contact is changing in favour of a complete evaluation and creation of databases, which favors communication. Differentiated is carrying out tasks to ensure the CRM process. Some activities are carried out regularly, some occasionally. But there are many activities that SMEs do not carry out at all. SMEs prefer personal contact with customers over electronic. The latest research results are, if possible, compared with results from 2005, 2010, or 2012. Hypotheses testing confirmed the relationship between the SME size and CRM awareness in companies, customer contact levels and methods of customer contact. Growing CRM awareness and introducing CRM processes into the business system can make a significant contribution to improving the SME market position.


CRM knowledge, level of contact, CRM processes, communication with customer





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Chromčáková, A. ., Starzyczná , H. ., & Stoklasa, M. . (2017). The level of selected CRM areas in small and medium sized enterprises in Czech Republic. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5(4), 59–70.

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