Published : 2017-12-14

Effective pedagogical management as a road to successful international teaching and learning

Michael Radin

Viktoriia Riashchenko


The purpose of this paper is to portray how vital are pedagogical innovations as tools in successful international teaching and learning and in successful communication between teachers and students. In addition, to portray how pertinent pedagogical innovations are in the communications between the students and professors as well. Furthermore, we will illustrate several practical examples of successful international pedagogical innovations.Methodology – we will provide examples of successful implementations of innovative teaching and learning with statistical data (student evaluations). What differences occurred after the implementation of a pedagogical innovation and especially how much improvement happened after the implementation of an idea? Furthermore, how do we measure success and improvement? Moreover, we will provide examples of successful international teaching and learning innovations and analyze cross – cultural comparisons between the American and Latvian educational systems. Originality of the research – pedagogical innovations are one of the main tasks in developing successful human relations, especially between the professor and the students. In addition, it is vital that the changes during the process of knowledge exchange relate and correspond to the social changes in society and relative within the system of comprehension of new knowledge in the current generation. We will show that the essence of international educational innovations is portrayed as the main trends of this process are discussed. Moreover, we will share our successful implementation of our innovative teaching and learning experiences; in particular, comparing the Latvian and the American educational systems (ISMA University in Latvia (School of Management & Information Systems) and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)) as examples of identifying and summarizing innovative initiatives. Especially examples of successful innovations with positive impacts and positive feedback


creativity, international education, innovation, implementation of ideas, educational change





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Radin, M. ., & Riashchenko, V. . (2017). Effective pedagogical management as a road to successful international teaching and learning. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5(4), 71–84.

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