Published : 2017-09-14

Competitive strategies of the smes: empirical evidence from the Czech Republic

Šárka Zapletalová


Entrepreneurial activities in international markets bring significant changes in strategy and strategic management of SMEs. This paper aims to investigate the competitive strategies of Czech SMEs at their first foreign market entry. The paper based on data collected in interviews with managers and founders of Czech SMEs. The companies included in the study are those that have already undertaken internationalization activities and incorporated in the Czech Republic. Strategies of the Czech SMEs researched while using the method of questioning: the main primary data collection instrument was a questionnaire-interview.


Czech SMEs, internationalization, international markets generic competitive strategy





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Zapletalová, Šárka . (2017). Competitive strategies of the smes: empirical evidence from the Czech Republic. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5(3), 9–26.

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