Published : 2017-09-14

Threats to research projects across the project life cycle

Dorota Kuchta

Agata Klaus-Rosińska

Edyta Ropuszyńska-Surma

Katarzyna Walecka-Jankowska


The article presents the results of research carried out at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology related to the project titled “Identification of success and failure factors of research projects.” The project included structured interviews with project managers and other stakeholders. Based on the given answers, threats to research projects that occur in different phases of project life cycle were identified (in the Initiating and Defining phase, Executing and Monitoring phase, Project Closing and Settlement phase). Therefore, the purpose of this article is to identify the threats to research project across the project life cycle. The objects of study are research projects, which significantly differ from other types of projects (e.g. investment projects). Different types of threats linked to each phase of the project were identified by respondents during in-depth interviews. In the Initiating and Defining phase as well as in the Executing and Monitoring phase, the most significant threats were connected to team competencies and human resources as well as mistakes in the planning process. However, in the Project Closing and Settlement phase, the greatest threat is related to create ineligible costs which are usually and effect of mistakes in earlier phases.


project, success, failure, stakeholder





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Kuchta, D. ., Klaus-Rosińska, A. ., Ropuszyńska-Surma, E. ., & Walecka-Jankowska, K. . (2017). Threats to research projects across the project life cycle. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5(3), 71–87.

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