Published : 2017-06-14

Leadership as a driver for innovative projects – key challenges and winning

Wojciech Muras


Project management is a discipline widely described in the management science. In the context of the growing importance of an innovative approach to business models, it is a key issue to create long-term value for shareholders. There is a niche for a broader range of issues to be taken into account beyond standardized project management methodology. In particular, the relationship between leadership and innovative orientation of companies involved in project management remains a key factor to be examined. Although the literature on the topic of project management is rather extensive, the phenomenon of leadership in project management in the context of innovative projects is rather restricted. The studies published in scholarly and managerial literature, as well as analysis of the author’s own experiences are examined in this paper. The key challenges and area of potential solutions are identified and listed in the context of leadership’s attitude as a driver for innovative projects. The findings indicate a large cognitive gap in which it will be possible to conduct research on a broad sample of Polish enterprises, all the while taking into account the evolution of the business model and organizational cultures within companies resulting from attitudes of strong leadership.


project management, leadership, enterprise 2.0, social media, innovation, knowledge management, collective intelligence, shareholder, value based management





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Muras, W. . (2017). Leadership as a driver for innovative projects – key challenges and winning. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5(2), 5–14.

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