Published : 2017-06-14

Business intelligence in the economic management of organization

Olena Kyzenko

Olena Hrebeshkova

Oleksii Grebeshkov


The study identifies the necessary and sufficient conditions for the system of economic management for ensuring the uniformity of the process of developing cost-effective management decisions based on business intelligence technologies. Authors summarize the theoretical approaches to the definition of the economic management of an organization, and the corresponding system, which provides the process, influencing the control object - the enterprise as a whole, or individual business processes. Comprehensive analysis of the economic management of the process is made in the context of the strategic objectives of the organization in the conditions of formation of a new culture of cooperation with customers, suppliers, and competitors. Comparative characteristics of the information needs of Ukrainian and foreign companies identified the priority areas for the use of modern BI-technologies for economic management of an organization.


Business Intelligence, BI, management, economic management, strategic analysis, KPI (Key Performance Indicators)





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Kyzenko, O. ., Hrebeshkova, O. ., & Grebeshkov, O. . (2017). Business intelligence in the economic management of organization. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5(2), 15–27.

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