Published : 2017-06-14

Application of hybrid madm methods for performance evaluation in manufacturing

Jiří Franek

Katerina Kashi


The paper is focused on the application of methods of multiple attribute decision making methods and techniques from the perspective of top managers. Attention is paid to the decomposition of multiple-criteria methods of decision making under certainty, which can be used to determine allocation of preferences to criteria, attributes or variables in a wide range of tasks in the field of business economics and management. the goal of the paper is to present a systematic decision making procedure that combines selected multiple attribute decision making (MADM) methods of SAW and cOPrAS-G combined with analytic hierarchy process (AHP) for performance evaluation with practical example on performance evaluation in a manufacturing company. AHP is applied to facilitate group decision making among managers and to set their priorities for further performance evaluation.


analytic hierarchy process, multiple attribute decision making, cOPrAS-G, performance evaluation





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Franek, J. ., & Kashi, K. . (2017). Application of hybrid madm methods for performance evaluation in manufacturing. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5(2), 41–54.

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