Published : 2017-03-14

The problem of multiculturalism in the context of conflict

Łukasz Skiba


The issue of multiculturalism is one of the most important topics which the European Union must face now. The rea-son is the greatest migration noted after the Second World War. In this paper, by application of the method of critical analysis, few attempts have been made to collect, present, and refer to the arguments of supporters and opponents in the ongoing discussion on the acceptance and employ-ment of immigrants, or the opposite approach, i.e. closing borders, turning back or isolation of immigration streams. Given these facts, the aim of the paper is to identify the real causes of the current state in the Poles’ opinion in relation to the issues undertaken and to determine the possible direction of their evolution.



conflict, immigrants, multiculturalism, refugees





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Skiba, Łukasz . (2017). The problem of multiculturalism in the context of conflict. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5(1), 34–42.

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