Published : 2016-12-14

Many shades of creativity

Anita Kolnhofer-Derecskei


Creativity means constructive actions ending in innovation, art, breaking rules or thinking out of the box. Creativity is good, the new resource of the future. I would not like to query the importance or the benefits of creativity for individu-als, organizations, and societies. Creativity is also beneficial at the individual level or organizational level. For instance, creativity helps us manage our daily lives or helps us to find creative and innovative solutions for both organizational and daily problems. At the same time, creativity might also produce negative effects by lead-ing individuals to engage in unethical behavior and to skip or reason wrong ethical solutions. Greater creativity helps us solve difficult problems across many domains, but creative sparks may lead us to take unethical routes when searching for solutions to tasks. But I think not only creativity but moral creativity is highly relevant in this increasingly changing, innovative, and competitive world of the 21st century. This study aims to examine the relationship between creativity and morality. In this article I am going to summarize the literature of the „dark side of creativity” highlighting the economical part and I try to give an overall point into state of art. In the first chapter I will give an overall overview about the definition of creativity which based on the 4 Ps (personality, product, process, press) without going in the depths of psychopathology. This summarizing is followed by the definition of moral. Regarding the 4Ps of creativity I try to find some connections between the creative and ethical economical behavior. I focus on results of important literatures and try to translate those into some practical guidelines for the futures. This article is the first but important step to draw the readers’ attention to see creativity through the glasses of moral. This theoretical paper will not contain any empirical study but try to be dominantly a literature review which is mainly important for the business actors.


creativity, moral, ethics, business





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