Published : 2016-12-14

Present and future of marketing communication in border regions

Vladimír Vavrečka


Technological and economic development and related social changes have significantly influenced and will influence marketing and marketing policies of com-panies, organizations and regions. Changes in the market environment have been causing changes in marketing communication. When we talk about fundamental changes in marketing communication within the last 20 years, then new trends and expectations in the coming years will bring changes even more crucial. The ambi-tion of this paper is therefore to identify changes and trends in marketing communi-cation using an analysis of traditional approaches and resources, which include mon-ographs of experts from the sector of marketing and marketing communication on the one hand and the opinions of experts from relevant major companies operating in the most developed markets in terms of both target market audience requirements and used marketing communication tools. Subsequently, then consider the reflection of acquired knowledge in terms of supporting border regions development especially from the point of marketing communication of organizations in these regions. The paper is supplemented with partial research results realized in the tourism sector in the typical border area and documenting the situation in the use of tools of marketing communication in relation to foreign (cross-border) tourists.


communication, marketing communication, tools of marketing commu-nication, digital marketing





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Vavrečka, V. . (2016). Present and future of marketing communication in border regions. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 4(4), 75–89. Retrieved from

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