Published : 2016-12-14

Factors determining the information policy of public universities

Agnieszka Kamińska


The information policy of a public university has two main objectives: it fulfils the duty to provide information and is a part of shaping the image and brand. In the context of the university management and the challenges of good and transparent governance, shaping this policy needs to reconcile the postulate of effec-tiveness and efficiency with the postulate of rational harmonization of operational practices and with the needs of stakeholders and the community. The information policy of public universities is determined by several factors. They have a major impact on the functioning of the internal and external models used communication and the comprehensive information policy. Public universities are an original field for conducting research in the field of communication, as they play a state-building role, and the importance of tradition plays a big role in their functioning. Such uni-versities should fulfil social expectations, combining them with the requirements, binding them as public entities in the field of communication.


governance, management stakeholders, information policy, brand policy, public image, communication, public and administrative requirements





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Kamińska, A. . (2016). Factors determining the information policy of public universities. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 4(4), 139–148. Retrieved from

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