Published : 2016-12-14

Development improvement programme of social business models in Lithuania

Jolita Vveinhardt

Jūratė Kuklytė


The development of social business models is one of the main aspects of ensuring the sustainable development of social economy in European countries. According to the European Union, social economy enterprises contribute to the Eu-ropean Union’s employment, social cohesion, regional and rural development, envi-ronmental protection, consumer protection, agriculture, third countries development and social security policies. Modern tendencies in business involve European coun-tries in creating the social impact. It is important to develop social business models that all cover their full costs and pass profits on to society, which shall benefit from low prices, adequate services quality and shall obtain better access to the continu-ously generated social profit. The main goal of the social business model is to create economical value and explore new markets. Modern business tendencies sholud be involved in the creation of social-economic value for the society solving various so-cial problems. Therefore the improvement programme of social business is created. Though, social business models are not new phenomena in Lithuania. But there is the lack of scientific studies and literature analysis to express both positive and neg-ative aspects and to develop social business potential. Problematic aspects of social business and alternative solutions on how to create and maintain social business models in Lithuania were identified. For this purpose, the improvement programme of social business models in Lithuania was created.


clusters, clusterization, improvement programme, social business model





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Vveinhardt, J. ., & Kuklytė, J. . (2016). Development improvement programme of social business models in Lithuania. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 4(4), 149–170. Retrieved from

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