Published : 2016-12-14

Corporate Social Responsibility: supporters vs. opponents of the concept

Halina Chwistecka-Dudek


The goal of the study is to present Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)in the context of different views of the concept. The representatives of the tradition-al, conservative trend claim that the only purpose of the enterprises’ activity is to maximize profit. On the other hand, the representatives of the socio-humanistic, reformist trend emphasize the fact that the success of a company relies on sustainable development resulting from including three, economic, environmental and social di-mensions in its activities. The difference of views on CSR appears to arise from the multi-dimensionality of the concept and locating it on the border of ethical reflection and economic analysis. Thus, it does not mean the same to all CSR representatives.


Corporate Social Responsibility, enterprise, supporters, opponents





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Chwistecka-Dudek, H. . (2016). Corporate Social Responsibility: supporters vs. opponents of the concept. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 4(4), 171–179. Retrieved from

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