Published : 2016-09-14

Innovations, R&D and knowledge transfer in the healthcare sector

Dominika Gadowska

Agnieszka Różycka


The efficiency of the healthcare sector is highly determined by its ability to conduct innovative industrial research and development practices as well as to achieve effective knowledge transfers between the scientific world and the economy. The article presents the analysis of the current situation of the medical industry in Poland as well as abroad, describes factors and barriers influencing the advance-ments in innovative activities, and determinants of successful research and knowl-edge transfer. The main part of the article is a presentation of own research based on one of the basic innovation indicators – patent publications – whose analysis, taking into account type, time range and location, allowed for pointing out the most innovative areas with the best growth potential. Faced with a lack of comparable analyses, both in scope and specificity of data, we believe this research paper may carry substantial scientific value and could be of use in further studies.


R&D, innovations, knowledge transfer, medicine





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Gadowska, D. ., & Różycka, A. . (2016). Innovations, R&D and knowledge transfer in the healthcare sector. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 4(3), 27–54. Retrieved from

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