Published : 2016-09-14

Cooperation as a driving force of innovations in destination marketing management

Vanda Maráková

Diana Kvasnová


Cooperation and its form in terms of collaboration, partnerships and net-working represent main consequences of globalization and growing competition. All these forms of cooperation are connected with innovations in managing and market-ing tourism offerings. The main aim of the paper is to document how cooperation enhances the innovative processes within tourism destinations. The material utiliz-ing by the authors are in major secondary data supported by the outcomes of the field research. The paper is based on qualitative research presented in the form of case study innovation processes in the High Tatras tourism region. The paper underlines the importance of innovations in destination marketing management in Slovakia and confirms that cooperation as a result of institutional innovations enhances other innovations processes in tourism destinations, mostly product and marketing inno-vations.


cooperation forms,, destination marketing management, High Tatras tourism region, innovations





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Maráková, V. ., & Kvasnová, D. . (2016). Cooperation as a driving force of innovations in destination marketing management. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 4(3), 67–79. Retrieved from

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