Published : 2016-09-14

University as innovative organization

Vladimír Hiadlovský

Andrea Danková

Petra Gundová

Miroslava Vinczeová


The article defines a university as one of the key innovative organizations regarding the societal needs. It identifies the sources of innovations in the univer-sity setting and determines a critical role and competences of a chief executive for the innovation potential of an institution from the perspective of an organization management. It also addresses the issue of barriers and institution resistance to in-novations, mainly in light of conservative management, and the issue of financing innovations in general.


innovations, innovative organization, university





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Hiadlovský, V. ., Danková, A. ., Gundová, P. ., & Vinczeová, M. . (2016). University as innovative organization. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 4(3), 93–103. Retrieved from

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