Published : 2016-09-14

Innovation performance of the Slovak Republic

Ladislav Klement

Ľubica Lesáková

Vladimíra Klementová

Ľuboš Elexa


The paper introduces an existing system of innovation performance mea-surement in European Union. The paper aims to analyse the innovation performance and to present the position of the Slovak Republic in European Union. It points out the most significant barriers in innovative performance growth among Slovak SMEs. The analysis is carried on data retrieved from Eurostat and the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, as well as from empirical research. Consequently the paper presents conclusions and recommendations for stimulating the innovation perfor-mance growth in the Slovak Republic





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Klement, L. ., Lesáková, Ľubica ., Klementová, V. ., & Elexa, Ľuboš . (2016). Innovation performance of the Slovak Republic. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 4(3), 115–126. Retrieved from

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