Published : 2016-06-14

Human resource management creativity in companies operating in intercultural environment

Mária Seková

Viera Ďuríková


The article deals with opinions of HR managers about support and develop-ment of creativity. In this article, we deal with the definition of creativity based on the study of relevant domestic and foreign literature and we present partial findings of a questionnaire survey of this issue. The survey was conducted as a part of the project of Scientific Grant Agency of the Education Ministry of the Slovak Republic, grant VEGA No 1/0235/14 Formation of organizational culture and management system of enterprises with international presence in intercultural environment. We have used questionnaire survey to examine this issue among HR managers and the results show that Slovak managers support development of employees ́ creativity and they also develop their own creativity; however these results also show that they have reserves in the using of methods of creative problem solving.


creativity, manager, intercultural environment, company operating in intercultural environment, methods of creative problem solving





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Seková, M. ., & Ďuríková, V. . (2016). Human resource management creativity in companies operating in intercultural environment. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 4(2), 59–67. Retrieved from

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