Published : 2017-03-14

Specific risk in hard coal mining industry in Poland

Aneta Michalak


Specific risk is hard to parameterize as it is influenced by a number of immeasurable factors or hard to measure ones. There is no universal model allowing the translation of specific risk into an appropriate ratio that could be used in different decisive situations. The objective of the undertaken research is to build the model of specific risk parameterization for the company deriving from the selected industry. The results obtained present the intensification of specific risk in the particular enterprises of the examined industry. Because of them it is possible to analyze the issue of financing the operating and investment activity of enterprises, what may be used in investment effectiveness determination, company value pricing, designing optimal structure of financing sources, restructuring processes and so on. The article is of theoretical and cognitive as well as of a “case – study” character. The study was based on the systematic review and synthesis of subject literature comprising the research problem. The analysis was supplemented by the indicator method to illustrate the discussed issue and to draw conclusions.


hard coal mining, specific risk





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Michalak, A. . (2017). Specific risk in hard coal mining industry in Poland. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 5(1), 71–77.

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