Published : 2020-06-30

Nepotism and favouritism: how harmful are these phenomena?

Włodzimierz Sroka

Jolita Vveinhardt


‘Nepotism’ and ‘favouritism’ have an international scale and negatively influence the economies of particular countries. Therefore, the current study analyses the attitude of Polish and Lithuanian employees working in private and public sector companies to these phenomena (this article presents only part of the results of the study, analysing nepotism and favouritism at the level of individual items, breaking down the respondents’ answers into percentages of approval and disapproval respectively). Research sample in our study involved 337 Polish and Lithuanian respondents, representing both public and private sector organisations. We used a closed-type questionnaire in our survey. Statistical differences between countries were calculated using the Chi-square criterion.


nepotism, favouritism, public and private companies, Poland, Lithuania





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Sroka, W. ., & Vveinhardt, J. . (2020). Nepotism and favouritism: how harmful are these phenomena?. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 8(2), 79–91.

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