Influencer marketing and its impact on consumer lifestyles | Forum Scientiae Oeconomia
Published : 2020-06-30

Influencer marketing and its impact on consumer lifestyles

Margareta Nadanyiova

Lubica Gajanova

Jana Majerova

Lenka Lizbetinova


Influencer marketing is a form of marketing communication, using influencers to target consumers. It helps companies build their brand and loyalty based on consumers‘ trust in someone they know and admire. Given this fact the purpose of this study is to define the theoretical basis of the impact of influencer marketing on consumer lifestyles. This includes an analysis of the perception of influencer marketing by consumers in relation to consumer lifestyles by means of a questionnaire survey focused on Slovak consumers aged 15 and above. The research sample comprises 410 respondents. Based on the results of the questionnaire survey and the verification of statistical hypotheses, it is clear that influencer marketing has a significant impact on Slovak consumer lifestyles (especially on consumers younger than 35). Finally, the effects of influencer marketing on consumer lifestyles are highlighted, and proposals are put forward for its efficient implementation within companies.


influencer marketing, consumer lifestyles, brand, product





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Nadanyiova, M. ., Gajanova, L. ., Majerova, J. ., & Lizbetinova, L. . (2020). Influencer marketing and its impact on consumer lifestyles. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 8(2), 109–120.

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