Published : 2021-03-31

Dynamic IT capabilities and their influence on job performance through teamwork


The paper is devoted to the analysis of the role played by the dynamic capabilities of IT in shaping the job performance of contemporary employees. It also discusses teamwork as a factor playing a key role in such a relationship, showing that dynamic IT capabilities have the potential to support teamwork in an organisation. Empirical research was conducted in order to verify the existence of such a relationship. The research was done based on a questionnaire as a tool for data collection, and the sample contained 246 organisations operating in Poland. Statistical analysis of data was performed using linear regression analysis with mediators and moderators. The results show that teamwork is a mediator of the relationship between dynamic IT capabilities and job performance. Moreover, the level of organisational dynamics was verified as a moderator of said relationship.


teamwork, dynamic IT capabilities, job performance, dynamic environment





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Luo, G. ., Budnik, K. ., Bogdziun, D. ., & Tworek, K. . (2021). Dynamic IT capabilities and their influence on job performance through teamwork. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 9(1), 59–73.

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