Published : 2021-06-30

Rational and emotional aspects of consumer behaviour


The aims of the paper are: 1) to evaluate the influence of rationality and irrationality on the purchasing decision-making process in terms of selected target groups of customers and product categories in the conditions of a pandemic situation in the Czech Republic, and 2) to design an updated version of the FCB model for Czech consumers and then to compare it with well-known established theoretical assumptions. To meet bothaims, both primary and secondary marketing research were conducted. Secondary scientific research is based on knowledge of marketing communication and consumer behaviour with an emphasis on models of the hierarchy of effects. The primary focus is on the FCB (Foote-Cone-Belding) model which integrates knowledge from different sequential models and offers output in the form of four situations based on two dimensions - involvement (small versus large interest) and thinking versus feeling. Aquestionnaire was used as the means of conducting research. The online questionnaire was distributed to a total of 1100 respondents. The outputs of the primary survey reveal that the design of the FCB model based on research data differs from the defined theoretical framework. The scientific contribution of this paper is the implementation, updating and
adaptation of the FCB model to the conditions of the Czech marketing environment to ensure its possible practical applicability.


Consumer behaviour, emotional and rational appeal, Foote-Cone-Belding model, marketing communication, hierarchy of effects models





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Matušínská, K. ., & Zapletalová , Šárka . (2021). Rational and emotional aspects of consumer behaviour. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 9(2), 95–110.

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