Published : 2019-01-22

Internal barriers to international R&D cooperation: the case of Polish high tech firms

Joanna Cygler

Sylwester Wyka


The article presents the results of research on internal barriers hindering international R&D cooperation by Polish enterprises from the high tech industry. Cooperation in the R&D area and the related joint innovation is important for the firms’ development. The aim of the research, conducted on a representative
sample of 400 Polish enterprises from the high tech sector, was to analyse their perception of international cooperation and to identify and assess barriers to R&D cooperation. The research sample is representative of Polish enterprises operating in the high tech sector in Poland. The analysis of research results used a cluster analysis to allow the use of dendrograms to select clusters similar to each other due to the assessment of internal barriers, and a multidimensional
correspondence analysis showing the relationships between the selected groups. The research results show the moderation of Polish enterprises in establishing international cooperation and the most important internal barriers to establishing cooperation. The conducted analysis also shows differences in the perception of barriers depending on the size of enterprises (taking into account the size of employment and annual turnover). The research results will allow for a better understanding of the specificity of cooperation with Polish enterprises in the R&D area, taking into account the barriers they perceive and assess. They will also allow for the formation of strategic activities that will help to reduce barriers to international cooperation for Polish enterprises in the R&D area.


International cooperation, barriers to cooperation, high tech sectors, R&D





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Cygler, J. ., & Wyka, S. . (2019). Internal barriers to international R&D cooperation: the case of Polish high tech firms. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 7(1), 25–45.

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