Published : 2020-01-20

Model of investment decision-making in a small industrial enterprise


The need for the development of small enterprises in Russia, set against the background of stagnation in this segment of the economy in recent years, makes studying the problem of the investment attractiveness of this market segment relevant when it comes to finding opportunities and prospects for the development of this sector. Given this fact, the purpose of this study is the construction of a model for investment decision making based on a small industrial enterprise. The study uses methods and models of financing, the evaluation of investment attractiveness as well as modelling. We propose and develop a conceptual model for investment decision making, taking into account the choice of the financing option, the method for assessing the effectiveness of investments and the decision support system in the context of the specifics of a small industrial enterprise. This is the novelty of our study. The research is given in the context of analysing linguistic variables of risk assessment and fuzzy parameters of the main indicators of the project, and is supplemented by some elements of scenario analysis.


Model of investment decision making, small enterprise, industry, risk management





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Vetrova, E. ., Doroshenko, S. ., Tihomirov, N. ., Khakimova, G. ., & Kakava, L. . (2020). Model of investment decision-making in a small industrial enterprise. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 7(4), 7–23.

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