Published : 2019-01-22

Forest product export performance in tropical Africa: an empirical analysis

Dastan Bamwesigye

Francis Nmadabuchukwu Akwari

Petra Hlaváčková


Africa is endowed with enormous forest resources, largely hardwood species. This forest resource provides the region with various forest functions ranging from market to nonmarket products and services. Over the years, demand for African hardwood and products has increased, thus contributing to the economic performance of particular nations. The forest sector in most Tropical African countries provides vital export value, some of which is not fully quantified. The export value of the forest sector in the designated countries of Nigeria, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Tanzania is enormously reliant on three products. The goal of the study was to examine and explain the relationship between the contributions of the selected forestry
products: industrial round wood and non-coniferous, wood pulps and sawn wood, and the export performance of the overall forestry sectors in the selected countries from Tropical Africa. The research carried out various diagnostic examinations grounded on pooled ordinary least-squares (OLS) residuals. The three wood products were found to have a vital influence on the overall export significance of the entire forestry sectors for the region. Industrial round wood was found to be positively significant in terms of export value.


Africa, export value, forest production, Heteroskedasticity





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Bamwesigye, D. ., Nmadabuchukwu Akwari, F. ., & Hlaváčková, P. . (2019). Forest product export performance in tropical Africa: an empirical analysis. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 7(1), 73–83.

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