Published : 2022-03-30

The actor-network model of economic networks in a geo-economic context: The conceptual considerations


Contemporary economic networks operate in a turbulent geo-economic context in which the external environment determines the formation or disintegration of such networks. The article focuses on economic networks through the prism of network analysis, actor-network theory, and network theory. As a consequence, the authors attempted to develop an actor-network model, taking into account the geo-economic context, social and technical actors, their roles and positions in the economic network, and network measures (centrality, knowledge/resource/task diversity, and redundancy). Due to the conceptual nature of the article, a less formalised, narrative literature review was used, which allowed for the free selection of literature and its interpretation in the context of the research question posed. As a result, a conceptual actor-network model for economic networks was created, understood as a framework for the analysis of the network of relations, interactions, and interdependencies occurring between the socio-technical actors of the economic networks through the prism of the allocation and distribution of information, knowledge, resources, and tasks. The actor-network model is the starting point for further, more advanced research, as well as the operationalisation and validation of the model, which would contribute to the actor-network theory and network theory. In this conceptual form, the presented actor-network model seems to be universal, and its application is possible whenever we can identify actors and the relationships between them. Its implementation in the study of economic networks in any sector is conditioned by the definition of social and technical actors; their relations, roles, and positions in the network affecting the efficiency of the network as a whole.


actor-network model, economic networks, network efficiency, actor-network theory, network theory, geo-economic context





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Ujwary-Gil, A. ., Lo Re, M. ., & Parente, F. . (2022). The actor-network model of economic networks in a geo-economic context: The conceptual considerations. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 10(1), 10–28.

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