Published : 2019-09-30

Assessment of the performance of management consulting services – a correlational survey


In Romania, as in other European countries, effective consulting services represent a key factor in maximising the chances to identify and absorb EU funds for various entities which are eligible for financing, from different environments, both public and private. This paper seeks to investigate the perception of people who applied for funding to different EU grants and projects, regarding the quality and effectiveness of managerial consulting services. The research employs a quantitative methodological approach and aims to test correlations between the items embedded in the conceptual model, such as the usefulness of information provided by consultants, the criteria for choosing the consultant and their degree of knowledge and capacity to adapt to their client’s needs. The analysis was performed on a sample of 102 entrepreneurs and people with decision-making functions within public institutions. The results prove the benefits of managerial consulting through success stories, which may be shared with other people who intend to apply for EU funds.


managerial practices, performance assessment, structural non-reimbursable funds





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Darie, M. ., Mocanu, O. ., Gasparotti, C. ., & Cristian Schin, G. . (2019). Assessment of the performance of management consulting services – a correlational survey. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 7(3), 31_47.

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