Published : 2019-12-20

Improvement of teamwork compatibility: the example of an industrial enterprise


Teamwork in an industrial enterprise is particularly relevant in the context of conditional uncertainty. To improve teamwork compatibility, a team manager needs to coordinate individual and team goals, professional competences and values as well as motivation and internal communication, and to change them in a timely manner when applicable. Improving teamwork compatibility requires internal consistency and interoperability of factors in the management system. To achieve this, a teamwork compatibility improvement model has been developed and tested by means of a study in a furniture manufacturing company. The research involved 189 respondents (45 top managers, 144 executors). It has been established that the greatest teamwork incompatibility between top managers and executors is in terms of internal communication, which increases the incompatibility of goals, professional competences and values, as well as motivation. Our research showed that the compatibility of teamwork in industrial enterprises can be improved when top managers set a positive example, provide support to executors, regularly inform them of teamwork compatibility issues, and promote and maximise the involvement of all team members in improving compatibility.


Teamwork, teamwork compatibility, industrial enterprise





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Giedraiti, A. ., & Stašys , R. . (2019). Improvement of teamwork compatibility: the example of an industrial enterprise. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 7(4), 53–66.

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