Published : 2018-10-22

Evaluation of the export potential of Latvia with EU countries categorized by groups of goods

Erica Pancenko

Tatyana Ivanova


The relevance of the research subject is related to the fact that exports are an integral part of the overall economic potential of any state and largely determine the pace of its economic development. The slowing of export growth relates to exports to the EU countries in recent years; the negative
trade balance of Latvia with these countries increases the need to analyse the factors affecting the realisation of export potential and to search for opportunities to do so. The purpose of this study is to analyse the export potential of Latvia to the EU countries, categorised by groups of goods.
To achieve the goal of the study, it was necessary to determine the essence of the export potential, identify factors that affect the implementation of the country’s export potential and assess the export potential of trade between Latvia and the EU countries by groups of goods. The study used
quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis, statistical data analysis, as well as methods for assessing the potential of Latvian exports to the EU countries. As a result of the study, groups of goods with trade potential for export to the EU countries have been identified.


Foreign trade, export potential, competitiveness, indicative trade potential





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Pancenko, E. ., & Ivanova, T. . (2018). Evaluation of the export potential of Latvia with EU countries categorized by groups of goods. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 6(4), 37–50.

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