Published : 2018-10-05

Cooperation between knowledge-based institutions and business: empirical studies and network theories

Agnieszka Domańska


The issue of broadly-understood ties and collaboration between business and science is one of the key issues constituting the foundations for the modern knowledge-based
economy, which relies on innovations and competitiveness in technically and scientifically advanced branches. The article outlines the theoretical perspective for studies on
the effects of this cooperation. Taking into consideration the richness of the aspects and sub-issues of the problem which should be analysed, the paper implicitly prepares the
“groundwork” for more detailed empirical studies based on the overview of different approaches and methods used in the literature, concluding - not only from the literature but  mainly from the special characteristics of the “start-up world” - that the most suitable theoretical approach for properly constructed empirical studies is the network theory in general and the social capital perspective in particular. The subject of “hard” forms of cooperation between science institutions and business (start-ups in particular) requires more insight into the network approach to entrepreneurship. Secondly, the article presents an overview of the literature, concentrating on studies which analyse cooperation between knowledge-based entities (universities) and business in practice, as well as a detailed example of one such case study. The case study which was discovered in the literature, namely
cooperation between Ericsson and ITU, is related to network concepts discussed in the theoretical part.


Start-up business, social network theories, cooperation between business and science





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Domańska, A. . (2018). Cooperation between knowledge-based institutions and business: empirical studies and network theories. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 6(4), 81–94.

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