Published : 2018-10-05

Age management in an organization. An employee over 50 – an opportunity or a limitation for companies

Ewa Mazur-Wierzbicka


The evaluation of age management as an essential factor of an organisation’s development - and not a limitation thereof – has been adopted as the purpose of the paper.
As part of achieving the paper’s goal, the author formulated the following research problems:
1. What is the relationship between age management and the management of generations?
2. How are older (mature) people perceived by employees? – arguments for and against
3. How to manage age in an organisation effectively?
Age management was addressed in terms of older employees. The paper is conceptual in nature and was mainly
based on a critical literature analysis. The paper’s practical implications include the opportunity for organisations to use the stages of implementation of age management presented therein. The paper’s contents allow for broadening one’s knowledge in terms of age management (in essence, stereotypes related to older people as employees and the benefits of implementing age management in an organisation). Approaching age management in a rational and aware manner, organisations acquire mature, experienced and loyal employees.


Age management, stereotypes, growing old, employees over 50





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Mazur-Wierzbicka, E. (2018). Age management in an organization. An employee over 50 – an opportunity or a limitation for companies. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 6(4), 95–106.

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