Published : 2020-03-31

Analysis of the internal effects of health and productivity management in Japan

Takuji Arai

Keisuke Uenishi

Kiminori Gemba


This study examines three potential internal effects of original health and productivity management in Japan in a superaged society. Certified and non-certified companies were compared by means of the Superior Health and Productivity Management Corporation 2018 award, which is the solution recommended by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Additionally, an interview was conducted with a representative of the certified company FUJITSU GENERAL LIMITED. The research showed that only improved motivation was shown to be associated with a health-informed management strategy. Internal effects were not affected by health
investment or the duration of the period of health investment. However, there was a correlation between increased medical expenses and increased motivation. These not only represent the first results in Japan, but are important both in Japan and in an ageing world.


health and productivity management, internal effects, medical expense, improved productivity, turnover





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Arai, T. ., Uenishi, K. ., & Gemba, K. (2020). Analysis of the internal effects of health and productivity management in Japan . Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 8(1), 17–28.

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