Education and Socially Responsible Management as an Effective Communication Tool in Local Self-Government | Forum Scientiae Oeconomia
Published : 2023-06-30

Education and Socially Responsible Management as an Effective Communication Tool in Local Self-Government


Education, training and knowledge have always been a basic prerequisite for social and economic development. Society - economic crises, shocks in the global economy, environmental problems constantly create greater pressure on public budgets. The limited range of available resources of the public sector, the increasing financial requirements of individual sectors such as health care, social affairs, the environment, internal and external security and, on the other hand, the insufficient ability of institutions and departments to objectively formulate their financial needs require a rational and, above all, qualified approach in meeting financial needs and distribution of limited resources. In the crisis conditions of uncertainty, risk, economic imbalance, education, permanent education, practical experience and the resulting knowledge play a major role in the management of not only a private but also a public sector. In addition to being an effective tool, they are also an important external communication tool. The aim of the scientific state is to point out the importance and influence of education and knowledge in managing and achieving economic, social and social effects. The research sample consisted of a basic set of 2922 municipalities, which represents 99.83% of the total number of municipalities in the Slovak Republic. This file was divided into 10 size categories, in which 4 categories of achieved education of local government representatives were determined. Correlational regression analysis was used to analyze the influence of the achieved education of local government management and the economic results of the municipality. In the analysis of dependency in local self-government, the qualification structures of management, the size of the self-government were taken into account as independent variables, and individual performance parameters as dependent variables, namely the economic result per inhabitant as a key parameter. Chi-square test, Fisher’s test, Spearman’s coefficient were also used in the work. The research results refuted the published knowledge presented in foreign as well as domestic studies, which confirm the positive impact of education on economies. This relationship was not confirmed in the 2922 examined municipalities of the Slovak Republic. The output of the scientific report was to summarize the mutual influences of the pillars of social responsibility, where qualification prerequisites and required competences could contribute or influence the efficiency and responsible management of self government. Many countries are faced with solving the question of what can and cannot be financed from public budgets and how to effectively use available public resources within individual levels and departments of the public sector.


education, local government, social responsibility, communication tool, Slovak Republic





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Beresecka, J., Hronec, S., Hronec, M., Hroncova Vicianova, J., & Svetlikova, V. (2023). Education and Socially Responsible Management as an Effective Communication Tool in Local Self-Government. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 11(2), 197–210.

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