Published : 2014-09-14

The importance of organizational culture for innovation in the company

Katarzyna Szczepańska-Woszczyna


The relationship of organizational culture and innovation has been subject to different research over the last years. The multitude of cultural variables under investigation has led to a fragmented concept of culture for innovation. Further, managerial practice requires an underlying structure in order to decide what culture should be implemented in order to innovate and to assess if a specific culture is an effective and efficient coordination instrument. The purpose of this article is to identify the elements of organizational culture in companies implementing innovation and to attempt to present its model. The paper presents the findings of the research conducted in Polish companies operating in the Province of Silesia


organizational culture, innovation, determinants and barriers to innovation, innovation-oriented culture





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Szczepańska-Woszczyna, K. . (2014). The importance of organizational culture for innovation in the company. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 2(3), 27–39. Retrieved from

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