Published : 2023-03-30

Towards Achieving Sustainable Development: Interactions between Migration and Education


According to the Resolution on the Global Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030, labour and intellectual capital have been identified as key drivers of socioeconomic development, leading to appropriate adjustments in migration policy and alignment with European standards. The paper aims to empirically justify the link between migration and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine. The study applied the Butterworth filter and revealed fluctuations in the time series of changes in the net migration index and the indicators of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This makes it possible to consider the retrospective and actual data of the series, as well as to level the phase transitions in the output time series compared to the input (by using a recurrence filter). In addition, the study applies correlation analysis to identify the coincidence/discrepancy of the identified trends. The findings confirmed that the most significant countercyclical and cyclical statistical dependence with the index of net migration growth is found for unemployment (correlation coefficient – -0.75), per capita income (0.73), income inequality (-0.72), greenhouse gas emissions (-0.69), and the corruption index (-0.67). The findings allow us to conclude that the appropriate conditions and institutional support for achieving the life-qualitive indicators of the SDGs have not been developed. Thus, the Ukrainian government should focus on providing appropriate access to education, creating new jobs, and stimulating intellectual migration into the country.


migration, intellectual capital, inclusive, economic growth, unemployment, income gap





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Pudryk, D., Kwilinski, A., Lyulyov, O., & Pimonenko, T. (2023). Towards Achieving Sustainable Development: Interactions between Migration and Education. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia, 11(1), 113–132.

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